Chirp, Squawk and Tweet are best friends who use their imaginations and everyday objects to get them in - and out of - fantastically fun adventures and hilariously sticky predicaments. What would it be like to be a pirate or travel in space, dive underwater on a dolphin or ride a dinosaur? Chirp, Tweet and Squawk may imagine themselves on grand quests through jungles and on spy missions, but ultimately their imaginations get them into trouble. That's where the Mail Squirrel comes in handy. Each day, at the just the right time, the Mail Squirrel drops off a package for Chirp. Everyday items like handheld fans, elastic bands or paper clips become play-savers when Chirp and his friends engineer them into amazing gadgets. By using characters kids relate to and laugh with, coupled with situations they're engaged and entertained by, Chirp, like its namesake magazine, opens up the world to preschoolers, one awesome adventure at a time.